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Additional Services Functional threshold testing & pedalling analysis R650 Incl VAT per test (1 to 1.5 hour duration) Athlete is set-up on a Wattbike and tested for; 	Power and heart rate threshold, power output and cadence, 	Pedalling analysis and efficiency, 	Video analysis performed under stress, 	A report is created with results of the test, power & heart rate training zones are loaded on Training Peaks / Wattbike, 	Athlete receives a USB drive with personal profile for training on any Wattbike.   VO2 Max testing R750 Incl VAT per test (1 -1.5 hour duration) Athlete is set-up on a Wattbike and tested for; 	VO2 Max testing using standardised testing protocols, 	Includes pedalling analysis and efficiency, 	Video analysis performed under stress, 	A comprehensive report including results of the test.  One-On-One Consultations R650 Incl VAT per hour For those athletes that are self-coached we offer; 	once-off consultation where we discuss your training program, 	review any training data you have and 	make recommendations.  Functional Training Sport Specific - 1 hour session @R450 Specific functional sessions tailored for your sport to maximise improvement under supervision of a professional  coach and/or Biokineticist. Group sessions are also available for small groups who are on the same level and similar ability; 	2 people per session @ R325 per person 	3 people per session @ R275 per person 	4 people per session @ R225 per person  Full assessment by a Biokineticist R750 to R1450 (claimable from your medical aid) A registered Biokineticist will perform a full assessment including some or all of the following; 	Medical history, 	Range of movement analysis, 	3D posture analysis, 	Pressure plate analysis, 	Balance assessment, 	Isokinetic assessment (which test muscle strength, endurance and compare left to right), 	Functional tests, 	Fitness assessment. Home About Lifestyle Performance Rehab News & Articles Contact Home Biokinetics Chiropractic Cycling Doctor / Physician Functional Training Physiotherapy
Cycling Coaching UCI and Training Peaks accredited Cycling Coaching High Performance Program

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