The Practice

Gretha Garnett Biokineticists

The Kinetic Chain

When the kinetic chain is not working smoothly it can lead to anatomical and biomechanical situations that can increase injury risk, perpetuate injury patterns or decrease performance. This is where the biokineticist plays an important role. The biokineticist must be able to identify and rectify these deficits in the kinetic chain as part of the treatment and rehabilitation process.

Benefits of Physical Activity

Health benefits of physical activity Increased physical working capacity Decreased body fat Increased lean body tissue Increased bone density Lower rates of coronary heart disease and hypertension Reduction in diabetes mellitus Greater longevity Improved mental health Fitness benefits of physical activity Improved cardio respiratory fitness Improved muscle strength and endurance Enhanced body composition Improved mobility and flexibility Improved core strength and stability Enhanced balance and coordination Improved overall body stability and control
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